Branding & corporate identity

Much more than just a logo

Most companies put a lot of thinking in their name, but neglect the fact that if you want to appear professional, you need to consider a quality logo and a branding that targets the right audience. And that’s where COPIXA can help. We can update your existing style guide, or start from the ground up. From choosing the right colors for your brand, to thought out typography. All targeted to your mission, your values and most of all, your audience.

We put together a style guide which you can use for all your off- and online communication. A perfect branding project will give your company a lasting professional appearance. This guide will provide you with a consistent way of communicating with your potential customers, and internal stakeholders. If you want to be top of mind, you have to build a solid brand.

Creative and thought out

Your online (and offline) appearance can make or break your company. It translates your vision and philosophy into a recognizable visual identity. This way your customers feel at home and your brand can communicate to the outside world in the right way.

At COPIXA we analyze the core values and USPs of your company. We create a suitable logo that fits you and your customers. In addition to all this, we also establish your corporate identity and ensure that it is implemented in a practical manner within your company by creating a style guide.

Cause it’s who you are!

Random graphic elements will not have the impact that your company needs. Every way of communication and every channel must be part of a story so that your customer, when he gets in touch with your company – in any way or through any channel – experiences the same feeling. It’s therefore very important that your brand story is extended to the smallest details.

A qualitative, uniform corporate identity is more than just ‘a logo’ or signboard, it’s who you are!

A thoughtful approach


It starts by defining who your current and ideal audience is, and why they are your ideal audience. How do they like to spend their money and how can we incorporate this into your way of communicating with them. Finding the right answers on these questions isn’t that easy, but you can’t build a brand without knowing in which direction you should focus.


What are the USP’s of your company? Do you offer the lowest prices on the market? Or can you offer more quality than your competitors? And what kind of appearance fits your products or services perfectly? In this second step of the branding process we define how you want to appear, based on your business philosophy and the products / services you have to offer. And of course, at the end, we want to be different from the competition.


Based on all the answers and information we have at this point, we start designing your logo that gives the impression and shows the emotions you want your customers to experience. We (COPIXA and you) discuss the mockups and we start making decisions to figure out which logo is a perfect fit for your company and brand.

Corporate identity

Now it’s getting clear what works for your business, and more important, what doesn’t. Our team will start developing your corporate identity. We decide which colors, typography and graphic elements you need to use to deliver your story. It defines how you make your audience feel and react. That’s why we put a lot of effort in making those decisions.

Style guide

The importance of a style guide can’t be underestimated. It teaches you the rules on how your company needs to communicate. It tells you what typography to use, what colors you need,… A style guide is the only way to make sure your communication is professional, and most of all, consistent. That way you can reach your ultimate goals way more easy and effective.


Just as with a website or webshop, it doesn’t stop when we send you the pdf and logo files. We continue to support you by giving tips, finetuning your strategy and we help you to incorporate the style guide into your business. We can teach the people in your company how to apply the styleguide correctly. Because at the end of the day, your team defines your appearance too!