Webshops at COPIXA


We start by analyzing your company. Determining your target group, goals, company vision, etc. We apply this in every step of the development process, in order to maximize conversions.


Our webshops are equipped with tools to analyze sales and traffic. This way you can check your gross and net sales over a certain period, which category was the most popular, which product has been viewed the most, etc.

Powerful by default

Even the basic webshops we build already contain a lot of different functionalities. Specs that other agencies offers as an option, we include by default. Discount codes with advanced settings, returns, refunds, sales statistics, etc.

GDPR compliancy

A webshop processes a lot of personal data, so you can’t ignore GDPR. With each webshop we pay attention to make your website comply with the European regulations concerning the processing of personal data.

Mobile friendly

Sales via mobile devices are increasing every year. We take this into account from start to finish and ensure that your website looks great on every device. From the smallest smartphone to the largest desktop.

Optimized for search engines

Google uses more than 200 parameters to determine the position and visibility of your website within the search engine results page. As soon as we start developing the website, we take into account numerous technical aspects that increase the visibility of your website within Google. In combination with different analytics tools, we follow up after delivery.

An approach that works

The idea

Do you have a fantastic idea for a webshop? Or maybe your current website can use a facelift? Your idea may be out-of-the-box, we help your figuring out the right direction.


We take the time to decide on the colors, style and graphic elements that are suitable for your company and start designing some pages of your webshop. To make that lasting first impression, the design or graphic part is an important step to consider. It tells the story of your company and distinguishes it from the competition.


Step by step we take the design and translate it into code. The coding of the desired functionalities, menus and structure, databases and links with other systems naturally takes up most of the time. For this in most cases we use a CMS system. We provide web shops that are not only attractive but also user-friendly, efficient and qualitative.

Content is king

Now that the development of your webshop is over, only the content is missing. Think of products, texts, videos, images, news and/or press releases, blog posts, events, etc. Use targeted and optimized texts and images to boost your sales.


The moment you’ve been waiting for. Your new webshop can be visited by thousands of users and it will be gradually indexed by Google. Start earning money and selling online!

And now?

But of course your story doesn’t stop here. Maintaining and updating your webshop ensures, in addition to its security, also a modern and dynamic image of your company. In combination with social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram and a correct strategic approach, you achieve the potential that you are looking for with your webshop, with an increasing turnover as a result!

Start with online sales?

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