Web applications

Web apps at COPIXA

Modern technologies

When developing a web application, we use a framework. A certain structure in which we can realize your project. The technology we use differs per application. By thoroughly analyzing your problem, we can adjust our methodology and tools to your project and goals.

Headless (API-first)

If the technical requirements of your project allow it, we like to go headless. This means that we keep the application (user interface) separate from the data. That way, we can have one central place where all user data is processed and we are able to link both mobile applications and web applications to a shared data API.

Range of possibilities

The internet is full of productivity apps, but you still can’t find a perfect match with your workflow? Then a tailor-made web application is the solution for your problem. From a invoicing program to a customized CRM or ERP system. Do you have an idea? Challenge us!

Built on open source

Our apps are built on technologies such as Laravel and Vue.js. These are frameworks that can be used without license to set up modern applications. We code following the official standards, that way any third-party can continue to work and help with the application if that would ever be necessary.

Our flow

The idea

Everything starts with an idea. Do you have a fantastic idea for a web app? Or maybe you have a problem where an app can offer the solution? Tell us, we’ll help you figure it out.


We start with an analysis during a first meeting. Not only do we listen to your idea or problem, but we also help finding the right solution. We figure out what the ideal approach would be to guarantee success.


We sketch out the structure of the app and begin designing the user interface. We provide a UI that matches the corporate identity of your company, with an excellent user experience in mind.


We now have the flow of the app and the UI. Our developers can get started. Paired with the necessary dose of coffee, they write the code according the official standards.


Everything is tailor-made, which means that there might be small bugs at this point. After every feature we develop, we will test it and fix the errors we come across.


The moment you’ve been waiting for. Your new web application is now online and everyone can start using it.

And now?

Our story does not end when the app is launched. We can continue to send updates through what we call a continuous deployment strategy. This way your application can grow over time and fully adapt to your wishes.

Challenge us!

Do you have an idea? Do not hesitate to contact us. During an initial meeting we can talk about your expectations and figure out what the best approach would be.